MagiPhoto Logo

MagiPhoto is a Windows Phone application that makes adding photos and documents to FamilySearch memories easy.

MagiPhoto Main Screen


Select an image

  • Easily access photos or documents you have uploaded to FamilySearch.
  • Take new photos of people or documents to upload to FamilySearch.
  • Search your camera roll for existing images to upload to FamilySearch.

MagiPhoto Photo Tag

Update your image

  • Add or change the title and description of the photo or document.
  • Crop or rotate images before uploading to FamilySearch.
  • Select areas of the image you want to tag.
  • Upload the image to FamilySearch.
  • Delete an image already uploaded to FamilySearch.

MagiPhoto Tag Person

Tag the image

  • Select from a list of relatives to tag.
  • Search for additional persons you wish to tag.

MagiPhoto is available for download from the Windows Phone Store. Read our privacy policy for MagiPhoto if you have questions about how we will protect your privacy in this app.