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MagiCensus Deluxe

SKU: MC2000

MagiCensus Deluxe is our most comprehensive, feature filled product including our interactive Census Tracker and preset extraction forms.  Quickly identify conflicting census information whie making census research fun. Easily gather, record, and analyze family history trees with our full feature geneology program which incudes pedigree, family group sheet, census, and descendancy (including multiple marriages) views and reports.  Research tools like merging, sourcing, problem finder, reverse look up,  and suggests areas to research.  Easily clean up your database with our GEDCOM editor and place normalizer.  


What is census tracking?

Census tracking is comparing information from many censuses to derive new information or to build probable cases to help you quickly solve dead ends in genealogy.  Tracking families through multiple years can be confusing, so you will need a system or program to keep yourself from being drowned in paperwork.  Using charts and tables, the data becomes much easier to organize and analyze than on typical genealogy forms. Gleaning all of the potentially useful data from a census requires careful examination, and can be very rewarding.


Why does MagiCensus save more time than creating spreadsheets?

  • Easier to validate, change, create to-do notes, and to see false assumptions
  • Individual information that is already in your database does not have to be retyped
  • All information is included in Timeline, Descendancy, and Extraction reports
  • MagiCensus automates many census tracking steps; you don’t have create your own system






List price: $49.99
Price: $49.99